La Fortuna – Costa Rica

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A happy, thriving Costa Rican town, La Fortuna is located 85 miles northwest of the capital San Jose and has a population of 5.700. It is well known for its stunning volcano views, hot springs and waterfall, carrying its name nicely; “The Fortune”, for the bounty and beauty of its nature, and the goodness of its people.

La Fortuna has applied policies of sustainable development, supporting investors as well as education, health, ecology, sports and social peace.

Balance of growth among local people & bigger businesses has been a priority for its leaders.

It is probably why it has remained one of the healthiest and safest places to be in Costa Rica despite its steady development. It is the ideal spot for calm and privacy. Today you find ever-greater choices of fine cuisine, hot springs or water-tainment within minutes drive from the La Fortuna center.

It is also the most visited places in Costa Rica; over 70% of the tourists entering the country include it in their journey.

Water Fall