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In human history we have seen many individuals, tribes, armies or banks lusting for gold.

Yet, let us remember that the ultimate goal for stashing this yellow metal up so carefully, is to trade it eventually ; for some diamonds maybe cars, a kingdom, fun, clean air, good water, peace, vibrant nature or time to enjoy it all.

In recent years we have witnessed a growing worldwide-consensus and focus on those latter values, whether or not people enjoy the more futile ones.

Pure life, fun, clean water, good air, peace, and vibrant nature is the Prime Matter of Costa Rica, its Green Gold.

If you care for those values and pursue inner-outer balance, this Land  naturally induces compelling peace and perfection.

La Fortuna is known to have remarkable harmony between its powerful natural elements: fertile earth, abundant waters, sunny climate and permanently renewed clean air through the open San Carlos Valley.

If your dream is to sow harmony, in and around your own Tropical Estate, you’ll be enchanted with this property.



Value for money


Having a particularly beautiful, clean, smooth and year-round abundant river running through your backyard is not only nice…TODAY, IT IS VITAL.   

Abundant and clean water is becoming the next gold and soon the platinium on the list of most wanted resources worldwide.

Instead of compiling links showing planetary disasters of droughts, I rather show you the abundance and beauty of the River bordering our Land. see Pix

The water level of the River Rio Fortuna in the portion bordering our land is extremely steady whether in dry or rainy season. The variation is just about insignificant, therefore we have abundant water throughout the dry season, and a generous yet soft, enjoyable river even during big rains.

Natural river pools of crystalline water

delivering you daily invitations to take a dip.



Land for Sale Costa Rica, La Fortuna.


Electricity – Water

The electrical grid reaches the edge of the property.

A meter can conveniently be installed within a few days.

The drinking water situation is identical.

The bordering Rio Fortuna provides endless supply of clean running water all year long. see Pix

Internet – Phone

Internet access and cellular phone lines are easily available in Costa Rica. They work well on both Upper plateau of our land.



Taste perfect balance and harmony between your private tropical Paradise and the outer world.

The ideal location to savor the best of both worlds.

In the absolute privacy of your home and gardens you’ll experience calming peaceful nature, a soothing river, clean energized air and breathtaking views, while enjoying easy access to social pleasures, fine international cuisine and the rich and diverse Arenal life.

Thriving for that ease ?

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You can easily adapt the size of land you want to acquire, depending on your projected needs and budget.

Option Gold

17.98 acres, 72’900 sq. meters of Pure Nature; the last BIG unspoiled property in the Fortuna waterfall area. Its two separate road accesses, unique cirque shaped lower part and a 1’200 ft. 370 meter riverfront, will give you endless opportunities for your project. This option will also get you the best price per square foot.

see Plan 001, Plan 002 & Plan 003

Option A +

Acquire 9.99 acres, 40’473 sq. meters of Paradise including the best part of the beautiful cirque shaped lower plateau and 220 m 720 ft. of pristine river border.

You can choose to add the exact amount of land you need for your project. see Plan 004, Plan 006 & Plan 008

Option B +

Acquire 8 acres, 32’400 sq. meters. A great piece of land with a 150m 492 ft. riverfront. You can choose to add the exact amount of land you need for your project.

see Plan 005 & Plan 007



Priority will go to buyers aspiring to acquire entire property.

Land Options in Costa Rica


In Costa Rica real estate prices can seem unruly at first.

You are invited to go around and visit as many properties as you can,

just keep your wish list close and compare.

If yours reads like the following, and you haven’t found your dream place yet, remember this land has it ALL:

Unique Size
Great Location
Safe and Private
Optimal Road Access
Exclusive Topography
Breathtaking Panorama
Opulent Bio-diversity
Pristine River
World Proximity
Electricity and Water Access
Internet and Phone Access

Price on Demand

Costa Rica real estate prices